Ap Sand Booking Online Registration and Ap Sand Portal full Information

Ap Sand Booking Online Registration and Ap Sand Portal full Information

Friends in this article I am going to share with you full detail information about the Ap Sand Booking Online scheme and in this article, I am going to tell you how to book online sand in Andhra Pradesh and what is the benefits of ”Ap sand booking online”.

In the last few years, the government of every state of India has been providing a lot of facilities to the people living in its city, whether it is about the PICME scheme in TamilNadu of South India or North India’s Delhi free women bus service.

Ap Sand Booking Online
Ap Sand Booking Online

The government of every state of India is providing some facilities to the people, similarly, the government of Andhra Pradesh has started free Ap Sand booking online facility for the people living in Andhra Pradesh.

The scheme has been started by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy The main reason for starting this scheme was to avoid sand corruption because before this there was corruption in Andhra Pradesh of sand.

But ever since the ”Ap sand booking” scheme has been introduced, all consumers are getting sand at a reasonable price and the Andhra Pradesh government’s online sand booking scheme has been successful.

Ap Sand Booking

This plan of the Andhra Pradesh government was not successful at first but when Jagabamohan Reddy became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, he made some changes in the scheme, after which the Sand booking scheme was successful.

As Jaganmohan Reddy has not fixed any limit of sand in this scheme, the consumer can get sand as per their requirement.

After the APMDC Online Sand Booking portal, the bribe of the sand mafia is almost over. If you want to register for Ap Sand Booking, you can do so from the link given in front. Ap sand booking online Link

By visiting the official website of Ap Sand booking, whose link I have given you above, on this website you will easily get all the information related to sand, all information like AP sand booking, sand yard information, online payment tracking status, current price, etc.

APMDC has made a lot of sand facilities for the citizens residing in the states like recently APMDC has operated more than 400 sand sources and magistrates of all the districts of the state are very concerned about all services related to AP online booking monitoring well.

The main objective of running this scheme was to bring transparency in sand booking in Andhra Pradesh.

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AP Mines Sand Booking Online Review

Name of This Scheme Ap Sand Booking
Ap Sand Booking’s Scheme category Government
Launched Year  2019
Launched States Andhra Pradesh
The Main Target of Scheme To increase transparency on AP sand booking
Official Website Sand Ap Govt
For General Consumer Registration Just a Click
For Bulk Consumer Registration Just a Click
Track Your Ap Sand Booking Order Just A Click

How to use APMDC Sand Portal Booking Online Aka Ap Mines

Below I have told you the way in which you will be able to register for AP Sand Booking, a scheme run by AP Mines, but remember that if you are a citizen of Andhra Pradesh then only you will be able to avail this facility.

Ap Sand Booking Online
Ap Sand Booking Online
  1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of Ap Sand Booking and if you have read the article carefully, then you will be able to see you in the box above, where I have provided you many links, you just have to click on the link according to your requirement and the official page of Ap Sand Booking will open where you will be able to register.
  2. Now you have to enter your mobile number here and click on send OTP for further process.
  3. After that, you will be received one time OTP on your mobile number
  4. Once an applicant enters the one time password in the given box, you can check the APMDC SAND Portal booking login page.
  5. After enter OTP, your process will move forward and you will be able to see the APMDC SAND Portal booking login page on the screen.
  6. Here, where you want delivery of sand, you have to enter the full address and the name of the applicant.
  7. Now you also have to choose the name of your district and as given in the list you have to fill the name of your region according to the list and after selecting your region type.
  8. You have to read all their terms and conditions and then click the submit button.
  9. Now your Ap sand booking has been successfully booked on the portal for delivery.

10. Your user id will be sent to your registered mobile. This ID will also work in your future when you need sand again.

AP Mines Sand Booking Tracking and Check Status Online

If you had done online booking of sand from the official website of Ap sand booking and now you want to know the online status of your sand order, then I have given you the following way so that you will be able to easily check the status of your sand order.

  1. First of all, you have to come to the official website of AP Sand booking, above I have also provided you the link to the official website of Ap Sand Booking in the box.
  2. When you come to the homepage of the official website, you will have to go to the section called booking name and after that, you scroll down a bit, then you will see track your order option on the screen, you will have to click on it.
  3. Now here you have to enter your mobile number, after that, you have to click on sand OTP.
  4. After that you have to enter one time OTP, after this you will be redirected on the ”APMDC sand portal” booking login page, here your information will be shown on screen.
  5. On this page, you can know the status of your payment, your order from your invoice.
  6. If you have any other questions or you want to take any information, then you can take it also.

What are the Difference between General Customer and APMDC Sand Booking Bulk Customer.

While taking sand from AP Sand Booking Portal, many people do not understand what is the difference between General Consumer Registration and Bulk Consumer Registration, below I have told you what are the difference both.

If you do General Consumer Registration, then you will get only 500 metric sand and initially, you will have to take sand only under General Consumer Registration and in this category, there are ordinary people who are building their houses.

And you can take sand under wholesale consumer registration for the second time and under wholesale consumer registration, you can take sand only when you fall in the category like builder, contractor, the wholesale customer.

Ap Mines Sand Booking Online

In the survey conducted by the government in Andhra Pradesh after the introduction of Ap Sand Booking Online Portal, people were their feelings about this scheme and all the people living in Andhra Pradesh gave their positive response to this scheme and they said that in the past The sand trade has increased considerably in Andhra Pradesh in days.

Now the state government says that they will continue the ap sand booking scheme, which should also be kept as there are many benefits of this scheme which I have told you below.

  1. Ap Mines Sand Booking If you have ever bought sand before this plan, then you will know that before the price of sand was much higher than now, this is the first biggest benefit.
  2. And as the Government of Andhra Pradesh said that they want to bring transparency in the sand trade, then they started this ap mines sand booking scheme because there were many fraud cases in the sand business before this scheme, but the scheme started did not hear anything negative after this scheme.
  3. If you live in any part of Andhra Pradesh, you can do the sand booking from the Ap sand booking portal at a very affordable rate from home, which is very convenient for consumers.
  4. If earlier you used to buy sand from outside, then you would see many types of adulteration in it, but the sand available under the ”Ap sand booking” scheme is not equal to adulteration.
  5. The misuse of sand has almost disappeared after the online system SSMMS Ap, run by Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Limited (APMDC).

Note: On occasions sand the booking will be done from 12 noon to 6 pm.

APMDC Sand Booking Documents and Send Certificates Necessary for Placing your Sand Order?

When you place an order you will need certification such as
Your name, your address details, contact number, plan number, location details and you will have to pay the amount in advance, and if you are a normal customer, then you have to fill the information given earlier and if you check your balance which you submitted before, you can check your balance on your profile page.

Frequently asked questions related to APMDC Mines Ap Sand Booking

  1. Which is the official website of registration for sand booking APMDC?

You can book sand by clicking on this link, Ap Sand official website just you have to follow the registration process.

2. What is the registration fee for Ap Sand Booking?

You do not have to pay any fee for registration at your address.

3. What are the mandatory documents for customers during registration with the Ap Sand booking portal?

Must have a valid mobile number and have a real email Id and your address must be correct.

4. What are the public complaint helpline number for the SSMMS Ap sand booking?

If you have any question related to sand booking, you can contact on the number given below.

Conclusion: friends in this article I have told you about the Ap sand booking online and in this article, I have told you in detail how you can book your sand from ”Ap sand booking Portal”.