Digi Mail | What is Digi Mail ID and How Many Days Does it Get You

Digi Mail | What is Digi Mail ID and How Many Days Does it Get You

Digi Mail | What is Digi Mail ID and How Many Days Does it Get You: In this article, we will tell you about the Digi Mail ID and will give full detail about that what Digi Mail and its ID, Password when comes to you.

Informative information about Digi Mail

Digi Mail is a unique mail ID that is provided to you after successful application REGISTRATION of CSC application, it is provided to the users of CSC network under CSC 2.0 project, there is no charge of any kind it is 100% free.

But using Digimail ID, you have to pay special attention to some things.

CSC Guidelines using Digi Mail ID:

first: All confidential information related to CSC will be sent to you on Digi Mail.

Second: Whenever you have to communicate with CSC E-Governance Service India Limited, you have to use your Digi mail.

Third: You have to use your Digi Mail password very carefully.

Fourth: You should not use Digi Mail for illegal activities.

Fifth: You never have to share your password with a CSC employee and someone else.

Sixth: You have to use Digi Mail only for CSC uses only, If you use it elsewhere then your Digi Mail can be blocked.

Seventh: You should not share any information related to CSC on social media, it may trouble you in the future.

Eight: You never tell your wallet pin anyone.

When Will You Receive Your Digi MailĀ 

Within 15 days of successful registration of CSC, you get Digi mail which mentions your Digi Mail ID and password, here you have to click on Digi Mail link, you will be redirected to mail.digimail.in site as soon as clicked, where you will get your CSC ID / Connect ID and password easily.

Digi Mail  What is Digi Mail
Digi Mail What is Digi Mail

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What to do if Digimail id and password are not received

If you have been registered for CSC over 1 month and you have not received any mail from them, then you should check your email id’s spam folder once,

Digi Mail  What is Digi Mail
Digi Mail What is Digi Mail

If you have not received any email from CSC in your spam folder, then you should mail to Helpdesk@csc.gov.in,

But you have to pay attention, you have to mail the helpdesk@csc.gov.in with the same ID from which you applied for CSC,

In the mail, he will reply to every information you ask.

How to Recover Your Forget Digi Mail Password / How to Reset Your DigiMail Password

If you forget the password of your Digi mail for some reason or for some reason the CSC portal is not open, then you have to visit https://register.csc.gov.in,

But you should have your CSC ID, if you have your CSC ID then you can create a new password for yourself again with your CSC ID and with the help of your Adhaar Card number.

What is the criteria for opening a CSC Center

  1. Applicant must be above 18 years of age,
  2. Must have passed 10 classes from a recognized center,
  3. It is important to have basic knowledge of computer,
  4. Must have knowledge of the English language
  5. You must have a computer that has a window operating system and must have a CD / DVD drive, as well as a 120GB hard disk and 512MB of RAM.
  6. There should be a UPS system,
  7. You must have a printer
  8. Must have a digital camera
  9. Must have a biometric scanner/IRIS scanner
Advatages of CSC Digi Mail

Below I have told you about the main services of CSC, which you can take advantage.

Central Government Service: Pan card, Bihar Labour Registration, Passport, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, NSDL, UTI.

Insurance: Through CSC you can submit premium of any insurance company.

LIC Renewal: With the help of CSC wallet, you can pay any insurance company.

Electricity Bill: On the CSC Portal you can submit the bill of the electricity department of any state of India.

Telecom: You can easily recharge all the big telecom companies on the CSC portal.

DTH: On the CSC portal, you can recharge the DTH of all the big companies and along with this, you can also apply for a new connection.

Water Bill: You can also pay water bill on CSC portal.

Travel: You can easily book air, bus and train tickets on the CSC portal.

Education: On the CSC portal, you can take advantage of many services related to education.

Finance: On the CSC portal, you can take advantage of many services related to finance, such as you can take advantage of many government facilities and can also easily apply for government loans.

Health: You also get some selected services on the CSC portal related to health.
What is the reason of the government behind the introduction of CSC service

CSC full foam is Common Service Center, the scheme was approved by the Indian government in 2006,

But this service reached Indian citizens in 2009, the purpose of the Indian government behind the introduction of Common Service Center was to make e-services reach remote places, backward and rural areas,

The government believed that there are still some backward areas in India, where computers and internet facilities are very less, if some common service centers open in such areas, then many people will get help in one place, seeing that the Government of India opened many Common Service Centers in India.

And these centers helped a lot of people and this initiative of the government was very successful and some people also got employment through this scheme.

Last line: Through this article, we have given you information about Digi Mail” as well as important information about Common Service Center.