Forgot Uan Number of Epfo online 2020 (How to get Forgot Uan Number)

Forgot Uan Number of Epfo online 2020 (How to get Forgot Uan Number)

Friends, this article today is going to be very informative for you because in this article I am going to tell you about the forgot Uan number of Epfo if you have forgot your Universal Account Number and want to get uan number then this article important for you.

Friends, if you are an employee, then you must have needed to know your uan number at some time if you do not know about your uan number and, Uan Number is the full form of Uan Number, How to use and what is uan Number, then I have told you in detail about ”uan number” below.

What is Uan Number

The uan number full form is Universal Account Number, Uan number is given to maximum employee of India by Employees Provident Fund Organization which is of 12 digits, Employees Provident Fund Organization short form is EPFO.

Many people change their jobs, they do not take care of their Uan number and most people do not remember their Uan Number.

But I would like to make one thing clear to you when you change your job or join another company, then your Uan Number does not change your Uan Number remains the same as your Uan Number were in the previous company.

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How to get Forgot Uan Number Part-1

If you have forgot your UAN number for some reason, then you can get your ”Forget Uan Number” in some of the ways mentioned below.

  1. Give a miss call on 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number, you will receive an SMS with your Forgot Uan Number mention in it, this is a very easy way to get the ”Forgot UAN Number”.
  2. In many multinationals, your UAN number is mentioned on the payment slip given by your HR.
  3. You can also get your ”Forgot Uan Number” by visiting the official website of Epfo, but you should have the information of your account, if you miss any information about your Universal Account, then you can not find your Forgot Uan Number in this way.
  4. You can ask HR about your UAN number, HR has full knowledge about the employees’ UAN number, if your relationship with HR is not good, then they might be able to avoidance telling you the UAN number.

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How to get Forget Uan Number Part-2

How to get Forget Uan Number Part-2 I will tell you to step by step how you can get your forgot Uan Number.

1 Step: Visit the official website of Epfo and click on Know Your UAN Status, You will also be able to see the image below.

EPFO Official website link

Forgot Uan Number of Epfo
Forgot Uan Number of Epfo

2 Step: Now here you will need one of the Aadhar card and pan card and you have to follow the steps shown in the image below, fill the date of birth, Mobile no, Email id and fill the Capta and you have to click on get authorization pin.

Forgot Uan Number of Epfo
Forgot Uan Number of Epfo

3 Step: Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, which you have to add in the box validate OTP and get Uan, now there will be automatically verification here, after which you will see the OTP ID on the screen which you have to note.

Now through the message on your registered mobile number, you will receive your forgot Uan number and your current Uan status.

Now here you have to check your Uan Number and note your PF Number and your balance and confirm whether your Uan profile is active or not, if it is active then you have to secure your ”Uan number” for future and keep it with you so that you will not have any problem related to Uan number in future because this Uan number will last you a lifetime, you work in any organization, your Uan number will not change.

Conclusion: Friends, in this article I have told you in two parts, how can you get your forgot Uan Number in part-1, I have told you the easy way and in the second part I have told you to step by step that you how can you get your Forgot Uan Number”.