Legal Heir Certificate Online Copy 2020 Full Information

Legal Heir Certificate Online Copy 2020 Full Information

Friends, today I am going to share with you in detail information about the Legal Heir Certificate online and will tell you how you can create a Legal Heir and what documents you will need to make it.

Format of Legal Heir Certificate

Legal Heir Certificate Online
Legal Heir Certificate Online

A legal heir certificate is a very important document that is made after the sudden death of a person who is a government employee, the legal heir certificate helps to legally convey the property of the deceased to his heirs.

For example, the deceased has balance of 8 lakhs in the bank and the deceased has not placed anyone on the basis of nominee, then if you have a relationship with the deceased at such a difficult time, then due to the ”legal heir certificate”, you will be in the bank of the deceased the deposit amount can be obtained legally.

Under Indian law, a legal heir can claim a certificate and the following persons are considered legal heirs

  • Children of the deceased (Son / Daughter)
  • Spouse of the deceased
  • Brother of the deceased
  • Deceased’s parents

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Use of Legal Heir Certificate

As I told you above it is a very important document, which is a ”legal heir certificate” identifying the right heir, after the deceased can legally claim the property of the deceased person, if you want to claim the property and you have a relationship with the deceased person, which I have mentioned above, then you should have a legal heir certificate for that.

A legal Heir Certificate is Required for the Following Objective

  • To approve deceased employee processing and family pension.
  • For legally transfer properties to the properties of his heirs and decedent.
  • To receive dues like provident fund and gratuity etc. from the government
  • To claim any ongoing insurance.
  • To get employment on the basis of a compassionate appointment.
  • To receive salary arrears of deceased, Central Government or State employee.

Whenever you buy a property or register a property, you must request Legal heir certificate to ascertain the ownership of the property.

In some cases with you, there may be many legal heirs to a property, you should consider and decide again on such matters.

How to obtaining Legal Heir Certificate

Often there is a question of many people that they can make Legal Heir Certificate online, so the answer is no, Legal Heir Certificate you can’t apply online, this certificate corporation / legal heir certificate area/corporation or related area, tehsildar, Municipal office, and the district civil court fro can you obtaining this certificate.

In this certificate, the names of all the legal heirs of the deceased person are mentioned and it is issued only after much scrutiny for it.

You have to write an application in which the names of all the heirs should be written and if the addresses of all of them remain separate, and in this application, it is mandatory to attach the death certificate to the deceased person. What was your relationship with the deceased person in the application? would write.

After this, the Revenue Inspector / Administrative Officer will conduct an inspection and check on it.

After the investigation is successfully completed, the authorized officers will issue a ”legal heir certificate”.

It usually takes you 30 days to process a legal successor certificate, but in some cases, it can take up to 90 days to create this certificate, If you are unnecessarily delaying obtaining this certificate then you are the collector or assistant collector you can complain to the, but even if there is unnecessary delay, you can also file a case against it.

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Documents Required for Legal Heir Certificate Online

Below I have told you some of the necessary documents to get a legal heir certificate which will be helpdeful for you if you want to make this certificate.

  • An affidavit
  • Identity/Address proof of the applicant
  • Death certificate of the deceased
  • Date of Birth proof of all legal heirs
  • Address proof of the deceased
  • Signed application form


  1. Address Proof of Legal Heir Any valid identity proof or gas slip / mobile / telephone bill, bank passbook along with name and address of legal heir.

2. Applicant’s Aadhar card, identity card, driving license,
It can be a passport or any other government-issued identification document.

3. Date of birth proof of legal heir, birth certificate, PAN card, passport.

Conclusion: Guys in this article I have told you in detail how to apply the Legal Heir Certificate in an easy way and what are the required documents for making this certificate.