Tnreginet Ec Online Portal, How to Registration Online on Tnreginet Net

Tnreginet Portal Ec Online, How to Registration Online on Tnreginet

Hello friends in this article I am going to tell you about Tamil Nadu’s government online portal Tnreginet and in this article I am going to tell you that how to registration step by step on Tn ec view”.

What is Tnreginet Portal Ec Online

Tnreginet is a portal which is being run by government of Tamil Nadu, in this portal you can apply for online land registration, it has been started by the Tamil Nadu government to make easy the land records , due to which you will be no need to go to Sub-Registrar office, then today we are going to know it in detail.

On Tn Registration portal Tamil Nadu government providing us more service like Encumbrance Certificate, Online Society Documents Online, Chits Documents Online, Marriage Certificate Application online, Online Certified Documents, Online EC status Check.

How to Registration on Tnreginet Ec Online Portal

People also use this portal to create deed, draft deed, document creation, register society, chits and firms, but most people use this portal for land records.

If you want to use ”Tn Registration portal” then you have to follow some steps, which I have told you in detail below.

Tnreginet Ec Online Portal
Tnreginet Ec Online Portal

1 Step: first of all you have to click on Tnreginet official website link Sometimes this website is under maintenance, then you may have a problem sometimes but most of the time you can use this website easily.

2 Step: Now you have to take the process to the next level, for that you have to click on the User Registration option from the (Home page) registration tab.

3 Step: Now you have to click on the citizen option from the drop-down menu.

4 Step: Now you have to type the username in the username box.

5 Step:  Now you have to create the password but you have to take some precautions while creating the password. I have shown you the right side in the image which will help you in creating the password.

6 Step: When your password is successfully created, you will see green color which is a signal that your password has created successfully.

7 Step: Now you have to click on one of the questions in the drop-down list and answer the chosen question.

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How to Fill Personal Detail in Tnreginet Registration Department

Below you will be able to see the image out of which you have to fill the all option and it’s all option is mandatory to fill.

Tnreginet Ec Online Portal

1 Step: First of all, choose the salutation option.

2 Step: Now you have to fill the first name, middle name and last name of the applicant.

3 Step:Now you have to choose the right gender option.

4 Step: Now you have to click on the Identification option and choose one of the options in it.

Tnreginet Ec Online Portal
Tnreginet Ec Online Portal

5 Step: Now you have to enter the applicant’s email and then confirm it.

6 Step: Now you have to fill the date of birth of the applicant.

7 Step: Now to enter mobile number or phone number.

8 Step: Now the identity of the applicant has to be entered in the identification number given in the document, the document you had selected few minutes ago.

9 Step: Now you have to enter the address of the applicant which is mentioned in the documents.

Tnreginet Registration Process with Other Details

The person who is registering as their business and writer, must register their documents with author registration details, address of their business, along with their business license no.

1 Step: Now depending on the document writer, select the type of user and also fill the required options.

2 Step: All information must be recorded at the address of the business of the document writer and there should be a record of all those given information.

3 Step: It is compulsory for the document writer to provide his / her registration details with the Registered Sub-Registrar office and registration of documents by the Registration Department

4 Step: After this, you have to provide the license no of the application.

5 Step: Now, for example, you will be able to see a code in the image below, you will also see the code in your application which you have to fill in the box above the code.

6 Step: Now you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile no, you have to enter it in the OTP box and also click on receive OTP.

7 Step: Now you can see code in the below image similar code you will get on your application that code you will fill above the code box, its code called captcha code, after a few seconds you will receive an OTP on your given mobile number, enter that number correctly in the box.

8 Step: Now you have to click on complete registration.

Now, if you have entered all the information correctly, then your user registration will be made successfully, now you can use Tnreginet Registration Department.

Now we will discuss about how to check the online status of Registration property and Land if you want to check this thing then below-given information is important for you.

How to Check your Property Registration or Land Registration

You can check your EC status online by following the given steps due to which way you can get the correct information about Tenrignet EC.

Tnreginet Ec Online Portal

1 Step: To check the status, first you have to click on the EC Search option from the homepage, after clicking, you will go to the next page.

2 Step: Now you have to choose your district, region, village, sub-registrar office and EC start date and EC final date.

3 STEP: Now you have to enter your survey number and sub-division number.

4 STEP: Now you have to text the image code and then click on search to see your property registration or land registration online.

Tnreginet Ec Online Portal
Tnreginet Ec Online Portal

1 Step: We have provided you a link, click on it – Official Link

2 STEP: Now from the table on the next page you have to select the date.

Tnreginet Ec Online Portal
Tnreginet Ec Online Portal

3 STEP. Now you have to choose your village name and street name, after this you have to click on the search option.

4 STEP: Now here, you will see the address and email of the SRO officer for your area.

5 Step: You can also visit the given address to get the valuation or guideline value of the property.

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Full Features of TNREGINET

We have provided all features of TNREGINET:

  • The following are the features of TNREGINET:
  • Provision for integration of land record application.
  • Purchase of hardware infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Dynamic real-time market valuation.
  • Operations-based workflow with a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Web-camera and biometric-based registration processes are available with fool-proof service delivery.
  • Provision for Aadhaar Number (UIDAI) based services.
  • Management appeals to the process.
  • Reporting and Financial MIS
  • Personnel profile maintenance system.
  • Online booking is available for appointment at sub-registrar offices.

Benefits of TNREGINET

  1. Now, it is almost impossible to give bribe to the Registrar Office, Deputy or Taluka Department.
  2. There is no need to provide physical presence at the Sub-Registrar office to avail of the services on TNREGINET.
  3. This registration process is hassle-free.
  4. Transparency is a new and profitable factor in this system.
  5. You can avail of all the services of this government portal right from home on laptop, computer, tablet or phone.
  6. Users’ biometric authentication has been introduced by digitization and webcam-based retinals that reduce the use of more paperwork.
  7. You can also find the address of the Vigilance Department on the home page of the website.
  8. The time required for the whole process is very low.
  9. You can also book an appointment online for verification purposes at the Sub-Registrar office.
  10. This has simplified the process of checking status and verification in the registration process.
  11. On a real-time basis, SMS services are now available to track the status of every application and you can also track the status of an application.
  12. Market valuation of property or land can be judged in real-time.
  13. It includes reporting and financial management information system.
  14. Through the Tamil Nadu Registration Department website, it was appealed to the common people to report bribe to the vigilance department immediately.

Conclusion: Guys in this article I have told you about the Govt Schemes, Tn ec view” and in this article I have told you many more things about Tn registration portal like how to registration in Tnreginet and the advantage of Tnreginet and full features of ec.